Entry #1


2009-08-04 16:39:58 by Amirax-StrayXIII

I'm going to keep this short. I haven't much to say, except, since I won't be putting up any flashes any time soon, I'd at least do my part for the Newgrounds community by putting up entertaining posts... Wait, entertaining? I know I'm not funny when I force it. Yeah, whatever. Anyway. Congrats to Shirai for getting a couple of VA jobs on Newgrounds, so happy for ya! Got me thinking of putting up some character sheets for random characters maybe for the event in which game creators would want me to create a character for them. Sprite, I can't help you with. I don't have the neccessary programs to do that, even the time.

Sometime I wish to try out Voice Acting as well. Well, I know my days are limited. No I'm not dying. Simply: grade twelve is coming up and I'm prepping up for university... where I learn to make video games--well, design. I like to be part of the creative team above everything else. Like Testuya Nemura.


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